Shift Scheduler

I used to organize Linux installfests, when Linux was non-trivial to install. While organizing our Fall 2006 Installfest, I needed a good way to let people signup to volunteer. I wanted something that would work online and be mostly automated.

I Googled around and didn't find much. However, I did find a blog post by a guy named Richard Kassissieh, who had written exactly the script I needed, but had not released the code. I emailed him and he was more than happy to provide me with his code and database schema. I did some re-tooling, and this script is the result.


I haven't used or maintained this code in years. It may not work with modern Postgres, it may contain a horrible security hole, etc. No warranty.


Formerly GPLed. Now under the MIT License](


You will need the following for this script to work:

  • Perl (tested with Perl 5)
  • Perl modules: Digest::MD5, CGI, CGI::Session, Authen::Simple, Authen::Simple::DBI, Net::SMTP, DBI, the necessary DBI driver for your database
  • Postgres or MySQL (tested with Postgres 8.2 and MySQL 5.0.38 - Postgres recommended)


Unzip or untar the script into your cgi-bin. Make sure that the file configfile is writeable. Point your browser at the setup.cgi script. Please email me with any questions or bugs you find.


Latest version: 0.21