Originally published 2011-08-06 11:03:53

Time Tracking With Timebook

Since I now have a real job, where I will eventually need to estimate how long various tasks will take me, I decided it would be wise to start tracking my time. I'm using a program called Timebook, which is a little Python script that uses a sqlite3 database. It's nice because the commands are pretty simple, and if I forget to t in or t out, I can go and edit the database to fix things up.

Inspired by a zsh completion module I found for tmux, I decided to write a zsh completion module for Timebook, available here. It completes all the Timebook commands, as well as timesheet names in appropriate places, and options to the few commands that take them. To use it, put it in /usr/share/zsh/functions/Completion/Linux (there is probably somewhere else zsh will look for it, but I'm not sure where). Note that if you call your Timebook executable something other than t, you will need to modify the script.